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Connecting People To Nature

Our Mission

By connecting people with nature we raise awareness and facilitate giving to help protect wild places and the wildlife living there.

What We Do

At NTOTA we bring together amazing environmentalists with people who also care about saving the planet. We are not ecologists, but a passionate group of people that want to protect the environment by spreading the word and connecting as many people as possible to nature… oh and have some fun along the way.  Even though we are not scientists, we know a number of really cool ones (see our expert advisors). They will help and guide us forward on our journey.

Our aims are to enable grass roots organizations to:
  • Develop projects that heighten environmental awareness.
  • Engage and teach local community members on how to protect their environmental resources.
  • Conduct scientific research with a goal of helping to protect resources for future generations.
  • Facilitate the use of technology to help protect the environment.

How to Help

Here are some ways to help the cause:

Below are examples of what we’ve done to help out…

Adventures and Projects

  supports the following environmental causes:

“Pictures courtesy of Tony Rath Photography and Carlton Ward Photography. See partners page for details.”