Mark Wilkins

Mark Wilkins is a retired CEO who is a specialist in global distribution strategies.  He is a committed environmentalist and trustee of the European Nature Trust.

Rebecca Badger

Rebecca Badger is a former middle school teacher, with an enthusiasm for fitness and a hobby of studying health and nutrition. She is a committed environmentalist who feels everyone can help the planet through awareness and effort.

Harry Wilkins

Harry is a specialist in digital marketing, and holds a first class honors degree in marketing from Gloucester University. Harry enjoys getting involved with environmental projects that widen his horizons. His digital marketing skills give him the ability to help not -for-profit organizations with fund raising and overall awareness.

Amy Wilkins

Amy is a fine art advisor from London, now living in Toronto. She specializes in sales of modern and contemporary art and is experienced in curating and managing client collections. She has spent the last decade collaborating with artists, curating and installing their work. She has hosted events that help emerging artists in their pursuit for success. A graduate in fine art and art history from Oxford Brooke’s University with honors, she is a committed environmentalist and has a love of all wildlife.